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Helping individuals create a mosaic from the pieces of their lives through connection, healing, and growth.

I am honored to be considered as a person to join you on your healing journey.  Ultimately, you are the expert on your life and I am here to help facilitate and guide your process through what you may be experiencing.  I have hope that together we can help move you from where you find yourself today to a place where you are living life more fully. 
Offering individualized and collaborative psychotherapy for adults and older adolescents dealing with a variety of issues.  My areas of specialization include:

Sexual Assault and Abuse, Disordered Eating,
Grief and Loss, Life Transitions, Growth Work

Individual Psychotherapy

Integrating a variety of approaches, I utilize the most appropriate therapy for the individual and the situation and believe in the healing aspect of an authentic therapy relationship.

Support Groups

Connecting with others who are going through something similar to you, knowing that you are not alone, and seeing your experience through someone else’s eyes can be powerful.

Group Consultation

Contact us for more information about the ways we can help support a positive working environment with employees and/or management in businesses and non-profits.

Connect. Heal. Grow.

For more information about my practice, to make an appointment or to sign up for support group please call (970) 903-7517.


Call today to take your next step towards growth.